I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Okanagan ATV Tours, a group of young individuals headed up by Richard Lamontagne and located in the Kelowna area.

I arranged for a half day tour for 18 individuals and provided Richard with our requirements. Our group was quite diverse as to experience in this type of event and there was certainly some concern by a couple of attendees as to what was involved. Their fears were laid to rest as they were paired with our two guides and by the end of the tour were probably the most enthusiastic of the group.

The level of service was outstanding with attention to every detail from providing transportation to and from the site, to preparation and safety, and finally a tour that fit the needs of all of us. What impressed the most was that this level of service was provided with an infectious enthusiasm that made the tour one of the most exhilarating events our group had ever experienced.

Kelowna should be proud to have a company with the abilities and personality of Okanagan ATV Tours as part of the area’s tourist services.

Larry Pereira
Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Inc.


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